Teach Me Fisting – Teaching Shanis

Rejoice everyone teach me fisting brings you today one of our future top performers. So without further due teachmefisting gives you Shanis. Like Caged Tushy she is new to the whole hard fisting thing but we had Blue Angel here to break her in, and her pussy. She started to stretch her pussy with the huge toys that Angel brought with her. And in no time she became loose enough for Angel to slid her fist into her dripping wet pussy. Well anyway, today it was time for another babe to learn about the pleasures of fist fucking and we had here miss Angel once more to teach another fresh recruit everything she knows about this thing!

Like we said, the name of the fresh babe is Shanis and she always wanted to try and see how fisting felt. Well she got her wish, and the lovely blonde babe Angel was ready to teach today. Take the time to see cute Shanis as she bends over and lets the cute blonde play with her lovely and perfectly round ass and her pussy as she teases her more and more getting her very very wet. Sure enough the babe starts finger fucking her using progressively more and more fingers until she gets to slide her whole hand inside that wet and eager pussy for a nice and hard fist fucking session. Enjoy it and do check out the past scenes as well for more amazing content!


Teach Me Fisting – Angell Summers

Enjoy free preview with Angel from teach me fisting starring Angell Summers in a very hot fisting scene! She is a girl that enjoys having her pussy stretched to the absolute limit , and you can be sure she lover herself a good fisting when opportunity arises. So today a friend of her helped her in this video where she let herself fisted just as hard as she likes to. Don’t forget that you can find similar fetish videos inside http://tattooporn.us/ website. See you soon as always with more, but this fine afternoon watch as miss Summer demonstrates the full extent that her cute and pink pussy can stretch to take in big toys and other stuff. So let’s get started.

Well as you can probably guess, this babe simply cant get straight to shoving large stuff in her pussy straight away, so she has her blonde fuck buddy prepare her sweet pussy, as she lays on her back. Watch the blonde take care of the rest as she starts loosening her up more and more by inserting one finger after the other until she has most of her hand in her pussy too. And in addition to that she also uses a baseball bat to please that pink cunt as well. Then you get to see her slide her hand in and fist fucking the brunette babe slow and passionately as she makes her cute moans of pleasure. Have fun with the whole update and do come back next week for more!

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Teach Me Fisting – Fisting Kitty

Madison took her friend for a treat at teach me fisting to teach her just that. How to fist, and how good she’ll feel doing it. So naturally teachmefisting prepared a room just for the two euro girls to have all day long alone and to themselves. Kitty was concerned about her pussy’s stretchiness at first , but then when Madison made her hand slid all the way inside her warm pussy , she felt like a new woman. Enjoy seeing Kitty’s first fisting experience as she has the expert babe Madison taking care to teach her the ins and outs of this kind of pleasure. Let’s see the babes as they get to have some sweet and hard core fun just for you and the cameras today shall we?

Kitty said that she wants to be super wet when she has Madison’s hand slipping in and out of her horny pussy, and Madison reassured her that she was already planning on that from the beginning. And so, you can see as cute Madison takes care to pamper and please this blonde hottie as much as possible, playing with her sexy and hot body as much as she can and licking her pussy for some nice oral pleasure as well. Then sit back and see Kitty moaning in pleasure and having a nice and powerful orgasm after she gets her nice and hard fist fucking session today. Enjoy it and see you guys soon with fresh and hot content!


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Teaching Horny Carmen Rose

teach me fisting Carmen Rose likes her pussy stretched. Her wet pussy is ready for just about anything you may want to slide in. She had lots of time preparing her pussy with the largest dildos and cocks you can find. You can be sure she can take a good fisting! Carmen Rose you got to see here in a past scene, so you know exactly how this lovely lady loves her pussy to be taken care of. Namely with some nice and thick stuff penetrating it. So let’s see her scene today!


For her lovely scene, like we said, you get to see this cutie shoving a nice and big toy in her pussy, but that’s not before she does a nice job to tease and entice you with her sexy body and sexy round ass and eager pussy too. Then she whips out her steel baseball bat and lubes the tip nicely as she intends to take that thing as deep as it can go in her horny cunt today. And she does manage to take it quite deep as well. Sit back and enjoy as you get to watch this horny babe moan in pleasure while she fucks herself with the big baseball bat in this afternoon update. We will be seeing you guys soon with more amazing and hot scenes as always! If you liked this scene and you wanna see some kinky chicks farting in front of the video camera, cum inside the http://fartfantasy.org site!

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Teach Me Fisting – Teaching Liz

Liz came with one request for us at teach me fisting. And that was … you guessed it, to learn how to fist her eager hot pussy just like the hairy rider. After getting bored of the dildos that didn’t make her feel good anymore she passed on to the biggest equipment out there you can find. Watch her at teachmefisting.com  as she stretches her pussy to the limit, and she gets the deepest penetration experience there is. Now you can say her pussy is ready for a real fisting! Well either way we bet that this cute and sexy brunette babe named Liz has gotten your attention, and in this afternoon you get to see her spending time playing hard style just for you guys!

Sexy and cute babe Liz also wanted to show off how loose her pussy is and the size of stuff that she can take inside. And to help her with that, she whips out once nice and big brown rubber dildo that she intends to use on her eager cunt. Take the time to also see her presenting you with her petite and slender frame as she gets all nude and parades her sexy naked body. Then sit back and relax, as the cutie plants that toy on the floor and slowly inserts it in her pussy as she squats down on it. Enjoy watching the slutty brunette riding it hard core for the afternoon, and see her enjoying her self pleasing session until she cums and orgasms for the cameras!


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TeachMeFisting – Debbie White

teachmefisting brings you a free preview of Cindy teaching Debbie how to fist herself properly. As always these two chicks are A-class teach me fisting material. They are pure hard fisting machines come to life. The two sluts are just too wild and raunchy , so tenderness never works for them. As soon as they were undressed they went straight to business. Enjoy these two bitches hardcore fist pumping their hot pussies. Fisting at it’s finest, pure and simple in this scene with the two amazing and beautiful babes that we had here. We know that you are eager to see them in action as well as they enjoy their pleasing session so let’s see them in action shall we?


As another fresh week started off, we couldn’t pass up the chance to not bring you the two lovely cuties and their update. If you thought you saw some kinky ladies here until now, wait until you see them. As per usual they begin with some sexual and enticing kissing for you to see as they take off each other’s slutty clothes. And then what follows is a general lesbian fuck fest as the two babes amongst other things, take their sweet sweet times to get around to fist fuck one another’s tight pussies all over the living room today. As per usual we hope that you enjoyed it and we will see you soon once more with fresh content!

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Teach Me Fisting – Teaching Blanche

Enjoy a a free sneak peek with Nikky Thorne coming from teach me fisting starring in the "Teaching Blanche" scene! Tiny blonde slut Blanche is a sex toy addict. She loves pussy fisting scenes, so it’s a day-to-day regime on her to screw herself with many huge plastic love dildos. Today we would like to demonstrate to her that actual flesh is more preferable compared to plastic.Well lets simply mention that  Nikky Thorne totally wrecked her tight wet slit at teachmefisting.com up first using a realistic plastic hand and then does the exact same though with her very own hands! Might be after that Blacnhe won’t require any dildos any longer in her handbag because her hands should come handy whenever she needs them!

Well you know the usual drill. we get to have babes here that want to learn how to take some big things in their pussies and you get to enjoy every scene that they do so. Today we had Blanche and Nikky here and Blanche was going to learn lots of new things this afternoon as well. Nikky makes sure that her new female friend is comfortable, and makes sure to loosen up her sweet cunt with some progressively bigger dildos before she starts to use her hands. Then she lubes herself nicely and just goes for it, making Blanche moan in pleasure as she works her sweet cunt with her hand today. Enjoy this superb and fresh fist fucking scene and see you guys next time!


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Lisa and Cindy

Lisa and Cindy are two energetic and hot girls, so teach me fisting had them over for some hard fisting scenes together. Watch them slowly get into their first fisting experience , and punish their pussies. After this reveling experience you know they won’t go back to cock too soon. Come inside chantasbitches.net website and enjoy watching other hot bitches in hardcore fisting action! See you next time guys, but for this afternoon, feast your eyes on this superb scene with these sexy babes as they have some sweet and hot sexual all lady fun outdoors in the backyard!


The kinky ladies sure know how to make things interesting fast, and before anything else they get around to show off those superb bodies to the cameras while they wear those sexy and hot lingerie outfits. And of course they then undress to show off their lovely naked curves as well. The brunette is the first one to show off, and so she gets to be the first babe to spread open her nice and long legs to let you see that sweet pussy a lot better in the close ups. Her kinky friend can be seen starting to fist fuck her nice and deep with her masterful hands and she was doing a really good job too, making the brunette moan in pleasure as her hand reached nice and deep!

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TeachMeFisting – Teaching Sexy Bianka

TeachMeFisting has the pleasure to present to you Bianka this week. She’s smoking hot and she’s here to learn fisting from the masters. So naturally Teach Me Fisting had a good teacher for her, offering her an extreme gaping! Namely Sabrina Sweet, one of our top fisters. The two were great together, so we let them have their fun on camera. Hop on over to our site and take a look at how Katia learns the proper way to insert her hand in her vagina and how hard she fists herself afterwards. Basically for this afternoon you get to see two hot and sexy babes as they have lots of fun together in the living room on the white couch. So let’s have a look at these two stunning cougars and see how they like to play!

Just like the babe last week, sexy and cute brunette babe Bianka is here to show her good friend Katia how to enjoy fisting. And straight off the babes take their clothes off and begin engaging in a nice and hot little kissing session just for you to enjoy today. As the blonde takes her seat on the couch, she spreads open her long sexy legs and lets the cute brunette have her fun as she licks her eager pussy to get her al nice and wet too. Then she slowly starts inserting her hand in her vagina and you can see the blonde moaning in pleasure as she gets that tight cunt of hers fist fucked for the whole afternoon. Have fun with it and see you soon!


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Teach Me Fisting – Kathia’s guiding hands

This week teachmefisting has Kathia back for this sizzling hot scene. teach me fisting knew that the new girl needed a pair of guiding hands to help her out, and what better teacher than our resident expert fister Kathia. Nikki always wanted to do a hard fisting on herself for some time now, but just didn’t know how to do it properly. Lucky with Kathia she knows what’s what. Lets hope she enjoys her new learned skill. See you next time guys and gals, but for now let’s just focus on the two very hot and horny babes that we have here in this sexy scene shall we?


Like we said Kathia is the expert in the fisting pleasure department, and today she has over a good fuck buddy of hers to teach her the intricacies as well. Take the time to see the sexy and hot babes start off with some nice and passionate kissing to set the mood a little bit better, and then see your expert blonde as she guides her friend’s hand inside her very own sexy and wet pussy that was eager for action today. Enjoy seeing the babe moan as Kathia teaches her how to fist fuck herself any time she wants and have fun with the lovely scene. We will be back next week with some more fresh and hot content as usual for you guys!

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